Paradise Regained: New Life for Old Gardens

The Project

PARADISOS is part of a Europe wide research programme on "the conservation, safeguarding and enhancement of our cultural heritage, through European co- operation".

PARADISOS involves research institutions from three countries sharing their experience and know how.

The institutions involved are:

Manchester Metropolitan University (United Kingdom)
Ed Bennis
John Dyke
Instituto Superior de Agronomia (Portugal)
Cristina Castel-Branco
Francisco Castro Rego
Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II (Italy)
Donatella Mazzoleni
Stefano Mazzoleni


  • To return to society the enjoyment of the landscape's cultural and natural heritage.
  • To provide a basis for the understanding of issues and events related to this landscape heritage.
  • To encourage new uses of historic landscapes, with particular emphasis on the arts, while conserving the historic fabric.
  • To increase public awareness and interest in gardens through innovative interpretation.
  • To promote and conserve the bio-diversity of the cultural landscape habitat.
  • To develop, through international co-operation, a shared knowledge of garden restoration and presentation to the public.

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