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Laura Parsons

Copenhagen-based Landscape Architect & Urban Designer

Learning from Nordic Landscapes

14 February 2018
5.45pm (for 6pm start)
Geoffrey Manton Building LT3

Laura is an MMU graduate, who established a link with the Nordic countries during an Erasmus exchange in Sweden. She subsequently went on to complete an MSc in Landscape Architecture and Urban Design at Copenhagen University. During this course she also spent periods at Melbourne University and in Cambodia. Since then she has made Copenhagen her home and worked at a number of practices before setting up as a freelancer. Her work has focussed on the significance of cultural nuances and attitudes towards nature and urban life. Her current work explores the role of landscape architecture in protected landscapes, working with Swedish National Parks.

This talk looks at two contrasting aspects of Laura’s experience as a British landscape architect practicing in Scandinavia. The common thread is a reflection on how nature shapes our daily lives and how our perceptions and evaluations of landscape are shaped by the way nature surrounds our working routines and everyday habits.

Part 1 will focus on the Nordic approach to creating liveable cities: a city planning model centred around its inhabitants - Cities made for people - which takes inspiration from site specific circumstances, and values the need for quality public spaces.

Part 2 will move to the wilds of Sweden’s National Parks, reconnecting with untouched nature, in contrast to the urban natures we plan and curate for our cities.